I FB messaged this to my colleague’s wife in response to a previous message from her that was a picture of Hugh Jackman shirtless.

This all was spurred on by a bar conversation that I should not have even gotten involved in. You see, she’s obsessed with Hugh Jackman. To the point that she was sharing shirtless pictures with everyone at the table and talking about what a babe he was. I made the mistake of suggesting that only middle-aged women, young girls still discovering their sexuality and gay men find ‘hunks’ attractive. My proof was in the Pinterest page of my aunt, a lovely 50-something rural woman in Michigan. She’s got a hunk board filled with pics of guys that look like models from nudey playing cards. Also personal experience. As a young person, hormones raging, I too found hunks attractive. Antonio Sabato, Jr, Mario Lopez, Tyrese…I was down with that. But I was young and saw people my mom’s age drooling over them. It was a confusing time.

Now, Hugh Jackman is not an in attractive guy but really?

Shawn (model, dancer, RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew member) is frickin’ ridiculously cute. But I’m not wiping the drool away.

Besides you can see his dinghus.

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